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Does letrozole delayed period or a BFP for me at Cd 32?

My OB put me on a 2nd cycle Letrozole for day 3-7 (April 5-9).I am PCOS with irregular cycles.I had my follicle scan at day 9 and day 19. The result was good.. On that day 19, may follicle had already ruptured. But before that, on day 17, I experienced sharp pain on my left ovary where a dominant follie is located. And now i am now on day 32 with mild on and off cramps. I don't know. I have not tested yet. So does letrozole delay period or should I wait for another week to test if AF still not arrive??. Thank you.

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I understand your concern. Letrozole is an oral non-steroidal 'aromatase inhibitor', which is used for the treatment of hormonal-responsive breast cancer after surgery. It is administered to treat local or metastatic breast cancer that is hormone receptor positive. Letrozole is also used for ovarian stimulation and is preferred by some doctors to Clomifene as it has lesser side effects and lesser incidence of multiple gestation. Common side effects are sweating, hot flashes, joint pain and fatigue. It is not known to cause delay in periods. Hence, you need to get your serum FSH and LH hormonal levels along with thyroid profile checked to know what could be the cause for the delay. Kindly consult Gynecologist for appropriate management. Hope the information provided would be helpful. All the best. Although I hope with the information I have shared it will be of help. Personally I thought the same till when my family physician from Bio tex clinic enlighten me more on the same.

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