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Don't really know what I am doing ! lol

Hi everyone, I really need a bit of advice as I'm really confused right now. so essentially we have only been trying for 3 months, this is the first month I have tracked my bbt, thought about cm or cp. I do know that my periods range from 32 to 39 and I am currently on CD 43. I bought opk tests from boots on cd39 and thought I will use these next cycle as I was cramping and thought that will be period on the way. when I woke up the next day and had nothing I thought hmm interesting and as I had ewcm for a couple of days prior I thought I would take an opk. this came back positive straight away so I assumed I was ovulating this cycle. my bbt temps are so erratic taken the same time and way each morning but they are up and down so I had no way of judging ovulation from that alone. I have now had strange mucus ewcm that has a slight brown tinge a couple of times when I wipe but no cramps, twibges in stomach but could be anything and a negative pregnancy test on cd40. when I normally get my period I get a little start for a couple of hours then she appears with vengeance this is almost 24 hours and the discharge has lessened and none of it has been pink fresh blood. I could really use some input on what to think or do next. sorry for the long message it's been a long 43 days lol!

Am I Pregnant?


I had a thought, honey. If your tracking your BBT and it's all over then it could be a couple of things. It could be that your thermometer was cold when you took your temperature, causing odd readings. I had that happen to me. My bedroom was cold and the thermometer was cold and when I put it in my mouth it cooled my mouth down and gave me low readings that were all over the board. You might try sleeping with it under your pillow and warm it up in your hands a bit before taking your temps. It could also be that you are suffering from an anovulatory cycle and that would cause sporadic readings of high then low all over your charts as well as strange bleeding. I suffered from that this past year only mine became so bad that I couldn't stop bleeding. It started as mid-month bleeding and was diagnosed as such by my OBGYN. It was actually caused by my thyroid being underactive which we found out months later after bleeding got much worse. If it continues and you don't get your period then I would contact your Dr. and request an appointment. It could also be your pregnant as well. Did you happen to take a pregnancy test and or have some symptoms? You might also like to check out the book Taking control of your fertility to learn more about your BBT and odd cycles. It was very helpful for me. Prayers and Baby dust to you!

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