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Don't trust myself

I've had enough miscarriages in my life (7) to not trust myself to just "know"when I'm pregnant because I have felt symptoms s When there was none. Now I do have 2 toddlers but I found out fairly fast I was pregnant with both so these are my symptoms. **No missed period yet 11dpo today but I have short cycles (25-27 days) Nausea for about 2 weeks now especially in the evenings Soooo hungry Cried everyday for about a week and a Half over just about everything Sooo tired I normally donate plasma so I tested before going and it was negative so I went but I was told my red cells were low barely making cutoff Its Hubs birthday tomorrow and I wish I could give him an answer but I'm afraid testing again even if its 1 day before period. I'll update with news just want some input TIA
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Am I Pregnant?


Cycle Days might be off - But keep in mind I have a 35 day cycle, so my CDs may be different to yours. 3w4d - Implantation bleed - just one little spot really......CD31. 3w6d - spot of implantation bleed again.......CD33. 4w2d - felt really nauseous......CD36. 4w4d - BFP...........CD38, so 3 days late. Didn't even cross my mind that I was 'late' as I was 2 weeks late the cycle beforehand. My nipples were killing me, but this usually happened in the lead up to AF anyway. They didn't improve until about week 7 I think. No other symptoms until 6 weeks I think. Nausea that I got before I knew was the one and only time (touch wood) I have felt that sick all pregnancy. No MS here. From 6 weeks onwards was extreme fatigue, aversion to mince. I felt/feel sick at the thought of chicken and any red meat. I felt like sour cream everyday. I felt sick on and off through the day. I was really tired I never had the sore boobs though and still don't. I found out at 6 weeks 4 days and am 8 weeks 1 day now. I had no idea I was pregnant apart from the above reasons as I haven't had periods for 3 months now and have PCOS.

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