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DPO symptoms

Hi I am 12 DPO. since last few days I have this tugging pulling feeling under my belly button. it comes and goes. its there especially when i am sitting in my office. I am really bloated and can hardly keep my pant buttons on. as soon i feel i need to pee, I get this weird feeling in my lower abdomen as if someone is pulling my bladder from inside. very emotional today by Af is in 3 days so maybe that? me and DH had unprotected xxx before and after ovulation. tested this morning but got a BFN. hoping AF wont come this month and will get a BFP soon. No nausea for now but nipples are a bit sore.

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Am I Pregnant?


14DPO today and got a BFN this morning. Have AF type cramps in stomach, back ache and legs are paining like they do during AF. AF is due in 2/3 days, lets see . Sigh! someone please send some sticky baby dust my way

I have to did it turn out for you ladies? Did you get your BFP!?

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