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Dry Mouth an Early Symptom?

9DPO I think I may be Ss which is hard not to do when you realy want to get pregnant and haven't been successful at it :(

But this is the longest I waited to take a pregnancy test and it was BfN :( but I know that's a little early-

I've had dry mouth for a period of about 24 hours now very dry nothing quenches it and am having to constantly drink haven't had this sympton before- I cannot remember my symptons with my first child until after I got a BFP!?

Do you think this could be an early sign? I haven't been eating more salty/chilli than normal and I suppose because it's not going away I wonder... I am due on my period in 2-3 days! I want to take another teat but hate seeing the one line :(

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Hey there! I am on 10dpo and for this entire day my mouth has felt so dry that I almost feel I am choking sometimes??!! I tested earlier and got the BFN too, and am trying to wait until Monday when AF is supposed to come to test again. I didnt' know dry mouth could be a symptom?! Eek, good luck and baby dust to us, hopefully as annoying as this is, we will be getting our BFP soon!!

Hi I heard that it could be a symptom. Good luck xxx I am 8dpo and had a little brown line of spoting when I checked myself with a tissue. I also have back aches. Will have to wait and see. Its damn too early to test 

I posted the original comment on this post and after BFN on 8,9,10Dpo I recovered the faintest line on 11dpo and a much more visa le but still faint tody 12dpo! The only sympton I had leading up to bfp was dry mouth which after 3 days I still have bit less!!! I'm now feeling tired and not quite with it! Can't believe it

I think suz that 8 and 9 is just too early and only gets you down I honestly thought I was out again this month!!! Keep me posted! And good luck xx

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