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Early cycle threw me off

Hello mamas, I am new here, this is not my first rodeo though. So my periods almost always start on the 1st of the month *maybe* the 2nd, as soon as I wake up. My last started 27th August and lasted until the 1st of Sept. Hubby and I BD the 2-4th Sept (no protection) On the 6th I had very warm AF-like cramps in the front, and horrendous, tight back pain. Two Tramadol (muscle relaxers) didn't even touch the pain. Every day since I've had small bouts of nausea, front/back cramps varying in pain, some days I urinate more frequently, those weird "zingers" from cervix to vaginal opening, bubbles in my lower abs,very vivid dreams (I had one last night where I took a PG test), moody (life is stressful though!), nipples are sensitive for two days now, cervix has been high and soft (too high to tell if open or closed though), watery/white CM, hungry. The thing is my projected O date was the 10th of Sept (it's the 12th today). So I guess since we're just w a i t i n g, does anyone have any insight or similar stories? I still have 14 days to wait to test. Ugh this is killer.
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GIRLLL... update!? My predicted O day was the 10th to!, i have had cramps everyday since, ive been getting heart burn and hot flushes, my cervix is still quite high and firm. I also think im getting thrush, i neverrr get thrush!

Oh also, very sensitive nipples!

I am gonna wait it out to test but idk! I'm still having crazy dreams, on again/off again back pain. Two times it was excruciating in my cervix to have sex, dh said my lady bits taste like iron? Lol! And my nipples are sore. I haven't cervix checked in a few days but I'm feeling ralatively normal now. How are you feeling? Sorry for the late reply. Sites acting wonky.

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