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Hello ladies! i wonder if any of you lovelies could help me out with this. So according to my app, i should have ovulated on the 23rd of February. Me and my partner baby danced on the 25th. Im worried that i might have missed it but over the past few days i have not stopped eating! Earlier on my partner was tickling me and i was laughing and then burst into tears uncontrollably, what is that all about?! My breasts are also feeling sore, theyre not sore if i touch them, its more if i run down the stairs and earlier on i hugged my partner and even just hugging him hurt my boobs i had to jump back. I had some crampy pain last night more in one side than the other. Im bloated but maybe thats because im eating more. i had a period last month but it was lighter than usual but i still had the same pain as a usual period. i dont know what to think. am i just symptom spotting? any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks ladies x

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