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Early signs or PMS?

9dpo/10dpo right now

I am on a 28 day cycle, assuming I ovulated around the 17th September. If going with that date, at 3dpo I had "ovulation" cramps I needed a heat pack.

Between ovulation day and 7dpo I have had lower constant back ache, pressure in my uterus, cramps, fatigue (wanted to sleep all the time), gassy & been constipated. I feel like all the "symptoms" disappeared but not sure if I'm imagining its early signs or just me being silly.

I ovulated for the first time in 8 years (I've been on the pill & missed 3 at the beginning of the new pack but never replaced them leaving me unprotected for that duration. Pharmacy said to use extra protection for the next 7 days (14 - 20) but I didn't because we are hoping to fall pregnant)

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