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False Positive?

Hi Ladies, I am 12DPO. Had the symptoms of a UTI a few days ago so I ran to the store and bought AZO and some cranberry pills. Tested yesterday because I just 'felt' pregnant. Got a BFP. Then started internet stalking and saw several posts that UTIs and AZO pills can lead to a false positive. I also read conflicting articles as well... HELP! I tested again today (didn't take AZO) and it was a much clearer BFP. Anyone here have experience with false positive? Or an actual BFP while treating a UTI? AF is due Thursday so I will wait and test again... just hoping for some stories to help give me peace of mind one way or the other!

Am I Pregnant?


Hey, I've never heard of false positives like that. If the line is even darker today, then that's probably your pregnancy developing - Congratulations on your BFP!

Hello. How are you? I think you should visit a doctor. She will tell you much better about it. Don't ask people here for help. Although this forum is great for this purpose. You can surely seek guidance here as well. But speaking to a doctor is always a safer option. And make sure you select a good clinic. I don't know where you live. I can't help much with the clinic selection. However, in my personal experience, I can help a little. Adonis clinic in Ukraine is surely not an option. They do not help their patients right. I think you should do your research really well before selecting a clinic. It will be for the better. You have my best wishes. Good luck and sending you my love and support.

Hi dear. I look forward to your result. I hope that it comes according to your expectations. Because if not then a person cannot stand it. That’s why my best wishes to you. I hope that you come out successful. Things go your way. Not the slightest hiccup comes in your way. But I also want to warn you about a clinic. Its name is Adonis. You should try every other clinic except this one. This clinic is only gathering money in the name of Infertility treatments. The staff lacks the basic ethics. The doctors don’t know how to talk to their customer. The patient is not entertained at any point. This is really disturbing for me. As it would be for you also.

Hello dear. I hope everything goes your way. You have a lot of expectations. If these expectations break then it is not a good thing. You need a lot of patience to go through all of this. My best wishes to you. You also need to choose a right clinic. I think it’s better if you don’t go to Lotus. I have read many reviews about it. This clinic is not what it seems like. The staff does not know how to treat their customer. They lack the basic training. The doctors are not much qualified. Even the treatment’s cost is way too much high. I hope that you will understand what I am saying. Best of luck you.

Too much obsessing can make two weeks feel like two months. Monitor your online usage and catch yourself if you start to meander onto too many two-week-wait websites. Act like you're pregnant. When it comes to your health, act like you're pregnant during your two-week wait. Take your prenatal vitamins and avoid alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. Prenatal care can start as early as implantation, so until you're sure one way or another, err on the side of caution. Stay active. Doctors have different opinions about exercise during the two-week wait. Ask your doctor for her stance and follow it. No matter if your doc prefers that you keep your heart rate low or if she tells you it's OK to run your typical mileage, all doctors agree that moderate exercise is a great distraction and stress buster during the two-week wait. So grab your partner and dog for a walk around the neighborhood, or take an early-morning bike ride to get your day off to a positive start. While it's impossible to completely forget the looming pregnancy test, I found that planning fun things during my wait helped to distract me for a little while. Plan a fun day trip with your girlfriends or a solo pedicure to help pass a few hours at a time. My doctor would suggest you get a hobby to occupy your mind.

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