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Feel different than normal but trying not to psyche myself out!

Hi ladies, here's hoping we all get our BFPs this month - gl and baby dust to all of you!

Here are my symptoms so far:

1 dpo - some AF type cramps
2 dpo - nothing
3 dpo - nothing
4 dpo - a few hours of intense cramping, going from right side to full-on pelvic area, accompanied by backache; big glob of yellow snot-like CM; shooting pains under armpits; tingly boobs
5 dpo - some yellow/white creamy cm; itchy boobs; slight cramping; so tired took one hour nap
6 dpo - some more snot-like yellow/white cm; intense cramping (almost like round ligament pain) on one side; random headache
7 dpo - nausea that comes and goes through the late morning/early afternoon; sneezing (I rarely sneeze); go to bed really early
8 dpo (today) - extreme dizzy spells early this morning (this never happens to me); headache coming and going; yellow/white creamy cm; weird appetite this morning - nothing sounded good; exhausted

The things that are really different for me are (1) my cm - normally it's clear and slick at this point in my cycle and (2) the dizzy spells this morning. Seriously never happens to me. I'm also peeing a bit more than usual, but that's typical before AF shows up.

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Also (can't believe I didn't mention this!) starting 7 dpo I've been extremely congested, had cold-like symptoms

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