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Feel like my body is trolling me - mystery nausea

Hey everyone, My husband and I have been trying for two years. I've been seeing a fertility specialist - diagnosed with "lean" PCOS. I ovulate, but have very long cycles. Three unsuccessful IUIs under our belt, and one IVF egg retrieval that did not make it to transfer. That IVF cycle was back in March. ANYWAY, we're waiting for IVF round two, which we haven't been able to start for a variety of scheduling reasons, and in the meantime we've been trying on our own. By way of background, I ovulated either 12 or 13 days ago (confirmed with OPKs). I don't temp as issues with insomnia makes it wildly unpredictable. We were on vacation in Hawai'i over the fertile window, and since we were relaxed and on vacation we managed to do the deed multiple times before, during, and after ovulation. Since then this cycle has been weird. Normally my PMS symptoms run like clockwork: I get sour boobs immediately after ovulation - like, I'm talking 12 hours after my first positive OPK even. About a week later I'm all moody and emotional. My boobs usually increase in soreness - across my entire breast - throughout the luteal phase accompanied by sore nipples. It can be so bad I can barely wear a bra. I'll start getting bloated a few days before my period arrives, so much so clothes fit tighter. Then, a couple days before my period arrives, like clockwork, my boobs will randomly stop hurting, I'll get a streak of EWCM, and that's my cue my period will come in 24-48 hours. It has never failed (I've been tracking my periods for 3 years). I normally have a 14-16 day luteal phase. This month is... off... Again, I'm at about 12-13 DPO, but my breasts only started hurting only around 8 or 9 DPO, instead of immediately after ovulation, but it's really light and only on the sides. I'm not bloated at all. I didn't get my usual mid-luteal phase mood swing. But the weirdest thing is that on 8 DPO I had this horrible wave of nausea in the late morning - so much so I thought I might have food poisoning and would have to go home from work, but it passed. Then, for the last two evenings in a row on my way home from work I've been getting nausea that persists until after dinner and comes in waves. I've only been pregnant once before (miscarried) and I remember I got sick mostly at night, but it happened later, like at 6 weeks. Though that pregnancy wasn't planned, so I hadn't been paying such close attention to all these symptoms. So, you know... I started getting kinda hopeful. I know maybe it's too early to have morning sickness, but I started feeling like maybe the whole combination of things was a good sign since it's outside of the norm. That was until the telltale EWCM showed up. I had a little on 8DPO (the same day I was nauseous in the morning) and didn't think a lot about it because it was way too early for my period anyhow. Figured it was a second estrogen surge. But the last two days in the morning I've got a little streak of CM. It's very, very light. It's clear, not creamy or white. Again, this is usually my final sign that my period will be with me shortly. The weird thing is I usually don't get it two days in a row (but hey, weirder things have happened), and my boobs still hurt (usually my boobs will stop hurting and then the CM will show). Now, I'm not sure that makes much of a difference, but... it's all weird. I know the answer will be to test, but since I have a 14-16 day luteal phase I'll probably wait at least 3 days. If the CM is what I think it is, then my period should be here tomorrow anyway, so this whole post might be silly, but... it's driving me nuts, and in any case I'd love to know what the nausea is all about?!?! What is this?? Can progesterone or something else cause that? I've never had it before. If it's nothing then it will really be confirmation that my body is trolling me hard and just wants to torture me. I know it's likely too early in either case to be having HCG symptoms... but... I dunno. Thoughts? Also, thoughts on the multiple EWCM experiences? Has anyone had this? I am aware that usually its creamy/white CM that is a pregnancy sign, and EWCM is usually a sign of an estrogen surge/drop in progesterone before menses, but... has anyone had a different experience? I guess we should know imminently in any case, but ladies... do weigh in.

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