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Feeling different.

Good morning ladies, So we have been trying to conceive our rainbow baby for the past four months since the still birth of our daughter. We finally decided in August that we would try again after many months of grief and now I am doubting my body’s ability (as if her passing denotes pregnancy capability). Every month prior I have had several symptoms. I was so sure I was pregnant then after seeing a negative test I would promptly get my period later that day. This month I got my period on Nov 3rd. My cycles are pretty regular but I do not believe I ovulate when the app says I do. I’ve always thought ovulation comes around early for me (very soon after my period ends) since I’ve conceived this way before and this time we started bding right after it ended. However, hubby works away so getting the timing right just isn’t possible at the moment. On cd 19 (because I do not know when I ovulate) I had a small bit of spotting. This is not characteristic of me getting my period so I think it was implantation. I also had some af like cramps for cd 19-21. Since then I have not felt any of my usual pms. I’m in a good mood generally. I have no bloating, constipation, headaches, nausea, acne. Nothing. Cd 23 I took an HPT which was negative. Today cd25 and three days away from my period, I have been extremely hungry. I mean I need to get up and eat in the middle of the night hungry. This happened when I was newly pregnant with my still born daughter but I cannot remember it being so early on. So anyone out there has had these non symptoms and got a bfp?

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I thought I knew when I was ovulating but I was off a little. I got pregnant the first month I used an OPK.

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