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Feeling different at 3DPO

Currently 3DPO after a year of TTC our 3rd child. Today i have been dizzy, nauseous, headache, tired and feel bloated and gassy. I dont like to get my hopes up so early but I just feel off. Is it way too early to be feeling this already?

Am I Pregnant?


I had felt some of those symptoms that early as well. My first and only child ....I literally.....had no symptoms while TTC. I just had a huge need to drink soda or anything with caffiene in it! This time around, I am feeling a lot of symptoms and the irony is I wasn't even TTC-ing.....and its not common for me to have PMS  either. Looks like you are in the same boat as me which is basically trying to play the waiting game. The symptoms are either early pregnancy symptoms or PMS.

Im hoping this will finally be it! I had the same feelings today, but i'm just trying to push it to the back of my mind till next week.

I'm now today 5dpo not ttc on purpose but you know how that goes. So I had a chemical pregnancy back in October we been safe since then till this last week only having sex twice during my fertile week the very first day and the very last day. 3dpo I woke up with ringing in my right ear and got dizzy. 4dpo I was again dizzy only when I got up. And so nauseated all day!! Also craving a Coke. Today 5dpo, I'm fine. Except I am feeing a little queezy tonight. Now I think I may or may not have an inner ear infection being my ear is still ringing. But I'd suggest my symptoms would continue to get worse. other than the ringing in my ear everything is dandy. Now mind you getting pregnant with my first, I ended up getting bellspaly around the time I got pregnant. Which is A nerve swelling up. Again an inner ear infection or whatever it is I read is same thing your nerve swells Up causing these symptoms. Now, idk what's going, pregnant or not. I think I might be. I'm a tad bit on the emotional side and back in october, before i mc this is exactly how it was. Emotions wise. 

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@itsjustme I can understand your emotions after a chemical pregnancy! yesterday i had leaky breasts so if I am not pregnant than something is really up! I've had non stop headaches and am nauseous everyday. I POAS yesterday but got a BFN. again I know its too soon to be pos, but these symptoms are just going crazy!

Itsjustme- I understand how you feel. I had one of those types of MCs a cycle before I took clomid and concieved my DD. I remember testing on the perfect time to get a positive and then the next day.....nada.....I told my OB about it and he said its rather common to have one but it still stung me a little emotionally. I also have PCOS, so it was bitter sweet to realize that I can indeed get pregnant (that chem MC happened after 1 yr 2 mos of TTC naturally- not bad for a PCOS person).....and then for it to be taken away so immediately. A matter when or how it occurred is always tough.


Elifig3- Leaky breast?! Holy cow, not trying to get your hopes up but that has to be a pregnancy sign!! The only other explanatiion would be a side effect of certain medications (one of the meds I had taken when I was a teen made me lactate..that was "special" to have to deal with as a teen lol). However, thats super unlikely so I think you are indeed pregnant!! As for me, my nausea had gone away briefly and then came back with a vengence in the middle of the night last night. I felt liek I really was gonna throw up this time but managed to get back to sleep. I just woke up and am feeling gas pains...and tmi..farting. I also noticed last night that my breasts look like they are getting stretch marks. Looks like a tad red on the sides going up towards my under arms. Hard to tell though because I got massive stretch marks with DD and although faded, the mildly "red" streaks seem to be appearing right where my old marks are located. I am sooo confused...with DH I was actually timign everything and DD gave me no "warning symptoms". This round I am having so many symptoms and we weren't even trying. I accept the results regardless but its so aggravating to feel so odd. I am not even prone to having PMS so ugh... Well..anyways.....keep us updated!!!

Just me again... lol. 2 days before af is supposed to arrive. I have no pms symptoms this gonaround which every time is different. Usually my mood swings the week during are out of control I've been pretty well maintained!! It's been nice. I been feeling wet yesterday and today, not a lot of discharge though. Which normally I have constant discharge. No cravings. Not even for cheese like I normally get lol. Gassy. But that's normal For me. Hungry but nothing sounds good. Or I don't eat. Just don't care too. I'd say I'm not pg but who's to say. We will find out in a few days I suppose. I've had waives of nausea since 5dpo. Been pretty okay just occasionally get the sensation. 

Geenie- I know leady breasts should be the biggest sign but who knows! I took a test this morning because i couldnt contain myself! I'm 11 DPO and got a BFN, so i'll test again on the 19th when AF is due. Hopefully i get a BFP, and all this stress can go away! When is your AF due?

Also to add to my last comment. I normally get crazy horny theee days before and I have no desire for it. Haven't even thought about it. It's been almost two weeks. My poor man is probably feeling neglecte. 

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