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Feeling discouraged

3DPO - Minor twinges right side of abdomen
6DPO - Extremely fatigued. Slept 12 hours that night, yawned all day, laid in bed all day, went to bed early.
7DPO - More twinges on right side, headache, waves of nausea
8DPO - Headache, waves of nausea, sticky cm, BFN
9DPO - Waves of nausea, BFN
10DPO (today) - Waves of nausea, bout of heartburn which is very rare for me, feeling kind of bloated, another freaking BFN this morning :(

I've also had minor tenderness of breasts throughout.

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Am I Pregnant?


Still early to tell, but beieve me-I understand the urge to test! The tww can be a really tough time, so much unknown! Hope you get your bfp soon! :) 

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