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Feeling Preggers Iffy test results

I am 27, fairly healthy, pretty regular periods, 2 kids. So my last monthly was Nov 22 2016, I am not sure how long my cycles are as I was not TTC or tracking. I remember having spotting (once when I wiped it was pink/blood in discharge) within a couple weeks and I actually thought I was starting again which was strange then nothing happened and I didn't think on it again. Implantation bleeding? I had unprotected sex every weekend after my period up until Dec 15/16.

I am going on 3 weeks late based on period, 10th will be 3 weeks. I ordered a bunch of cheapy dip-tests as clear blue and FRER aren't showing and prenatals. I feel full on pregnant. My smell is way stronger, my taste is a bit off sometimes slightly metallic for sure, I feel a feeling in my uterus area, sometimes like a dull achy cramp but not the same as AF which I almost gave up and thought I'm crazy..

It's more like noticeable/heavy flutter? I just feel it, something happening, and my bladder feels it too lol, nausea, peeing all the time!!!, my boobies at times like right now have the burning feeling all over and my nipples seem to be darkening with a ring around them, appetite and thirst changes, feeling pregnant and overwhelmed with love in my heart, moody/weepy, cervix has ranged from high soft/wet closed to medium soft/wet closed. It is barely able to reach and pointing posterior which is new for me. I had EWCM for much longer than normal but now it's a bit less and more like slightly lotiony/sticky white CM, not a lot and not 'dry' either. I tried not thinking about it or telling myself I wasn't so as not to trick myself and still 0 signs of AF. Constipation/then diarrhea and back, headaches a few times that felt the same feeling as when I was pregnant with my 2, ..Dreams of being pregnant..eating food lol and just very vivid

I took a bunch of dollar store tests early in the week and all were negative, I've taken some over the last few days including a FRER this morning tho it wasn't my first morning pee, I thought I saw a faint BFP but the faintest ever and hard to tell. I have never felt this pregnant before and not been lol. With my 2 I find out til I was almost 2 months with my first and prob around there with my I night just test late.

I am waiting going for Dr visit...not sure how much longer to wait. I just wanted to share my signs and tell somebody. <3

Am I Pregnant?


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