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Fingers triple crossed!

Hi everyone.
We have been ttc since March. I am really thinking (hoping) this is the month! I'm 9dpo today. AF is due on 8/3. I'm not testing until then. I have been tracking my symptoms. I have super sore bbs, especially tingly around the areola. I have been very hungry, tired and moody. Also gassy, nauseous and dizzy. I have bright blue veins peaking through over my chest and belly. For past day or so I've had a few cramps, more like pressure than the pain I typically get with af, no bleeding. Milky/white cm today and yesterday. I think that's everything! Just wondering what you ladies think? Wishing everyone the very best of luck!

Am I Pregnant?


I totally forgot to mention a few things. I have had terrible heart burn the past few days. Not much sleep between the heartburn and getting up like 4 times to pee. When I do sleep, super vivid dreams. My hubby said my bbs were huge yesterday. Lastly, I had a headache the last few days with some congestion.

Not sure if anyone is reading this, but I wanted to give an update. When I was reading other people's posts I would wonder what happened. So, BFP today!!! Well, three BFPs!!! :) So excited. Baby dust for everyone. :)

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