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First IUI cycle - Am I pregnant

Hello All, I don't know if I'm psyching myself out but I'm 7dpIUI today. Ive taken a HPT and it came back negative but based on these symptoms, could I be pregnant? 1dpIUI - discharge 3dpIUI -4dpIUI - felt nauseous in the AM but also hungry, slight cramping or more like ovulating pain throughout the day, creamy discharge 5dpIUI - no symptoms 6dpIUI - sharp shooting back pains at random times 7dpIUI - nauseous after protein smoothie and slightly fatigued (but I also slept at 1am)

Am I Pregnant?


There are many women who might not experience implantation bleeding at all. A lot of times, the first implantation signs after IUI. Especially the implantation bleeding. May be confused with spotting due to periods. The bleeding usually happens when the embryo attaches itself to the uterine wall. This usually takes place six to twelve days after conception has taken place. Apart from the spotting. You may also experience slight cramping in the leg muscles. The second most apparent implantation symptom after and IUI is a delay in your period. If you miss your period. It means that the IUI was successful. In a lot of cases, the delay of periods may be due to stress or other hormonal problems; however. This is most likely due to the success of the IUI. To confirm a pregnancy, you can take a home pregnancy test. If you have occasional spotting or bleeding, it is very common. You can talk to your medical care provider if you are concerned about the bleeding.

Hi, congratulations a lot. Hope you are going great. It's really an amazing thing. IUI is the most natural treatment. It has fewer chances to succeed. It's just your hope and positive thinking which made you successful. Life is very complicated and sometimes all the things become easy. I'm very happy for you. You are lucky that you are not infertile and don't need serious treatments. Some couples are ready to spend their whole earn in infertility treatments. It is a blessing of God. There is a great news that i want to share. The Biotexcom team is coming to our city. They are organizing an event here. They will deal free of cost. I'm very grateful to them. Because my dream came true due to this clinic. There are limited seats must join this. Wish you a joyful life.

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