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First month off the pill

Hello! So last month after my period my husband and I decided it was time for me to stop taking the pill. I have been on it for about 7 or so years. I have been tracking my BBT every morning this cycle and I am currently 12DPO. We DDT two days before my temp jumped according to my app is when it said I ovulated. I know it’s possible to not ovulate right away when coming off the pill also. I have felt awful these past few days. One night I didn’t sleep at all and I have had a constant empty stomach hunger. I have also felt very nauseous, have had headaches daily, and been very tired. My temps have been high also. If I were still on the pill I would have expected my period two days ago, like clockwork. I am on CD 29. I took a FRER 10DPO and BFN. I took a dollar store test today (12 DPO) and still BFN. Do you guys think I’m PG or just feeling these ways because it’s my first cycle not on the pill?

Am I Pregnant?


Having someone to talk to during your scheduled obsessing time, or any time for that matter, can help you cope. It can also help you cope with other aspects of infertility. Infertility is very difficult emotionally, and you don’t have to do it alone. A few ways you can find support include: Connecting with others online infertility forums or on social media. Teaching your friends and family how to support you. Joining a live infertility support group. Like the one they offer at Bio tex clinic. Finding a therapist who specializes in infertility. I personally have not tried out a live infertility support group, but I’ve heard many good things from women who have. I have found great support online. I think my online fertility-challenged friends have made the entire process of trying to get pregnant so much easier. I’ve also found therapy to be a great way to cope with infertility, including the two week wait. Relaxation techniques can be of great help during this time. There are many ways to deal with anxiety, from breathing exercises to meditation. Guided imagery has been shown in research studies to help lower stress and anxiety levels, and I highly recommend the audio program Help with Fertility. There is an excellent book on yoga and fertility, Fully Fertile, which talks about using yoga for relaxation. Acupuncture is another option for stress relief. It may even improve your fertility.

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