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First Round of Clomid

I am currently in my first round of clomid. I took provera to induce a period and then took 100mg of clomid on cycle days 3-7. My doctor then had me wear an estrogen patch cycle days 8-12. I took robitussin and drank pomegranate juice from cycle day 10-16. My fiancé and I BD cycle day 10-16 every other day. We used Pre-Seed. On cycle day 14 I got a positive FR OPK. So I figured I would ovulate within the next day or two. My doctor had me go in the next day, cycle day 15 to do a blood test to see if I ovulated. I thought it might be too early but figured it wouldn't hurt. Today is cycle day 20 and I just heard back from her (after playing phone tag for a couple days) and she said my progesterone levels showed that I did not ovulate. I asked her if it was too early and maybe I ovulated after the blood test and she said maybe, but she was more leaning towards that I did not ovulate. Since I tested on cycle day 15 my nipples have been very sore, getting worse everyday. And they have become a little darker. I have been tired and just have low energy. I feel a little short of breath. And had mild cramping on cycle days 14-17. Just mild twinges and pressure in my lower abdomen. Also bloating. I also feel like I have been urinating more frequently. Part of me feels like maybe these symptoms are in my head and the other part of me feels like I did ovulate. I definitely do not feel normal. So anyways today is Saturday and my doctor wants me to go in on Monday cycle day 22 to do another blood progesterone test. I'm so hoping that it will show that I ovulated. I was supposed to start progesterone cream on cycle day 17 until af or if pregnant through first trimester. That's why she is testing my levels. So I'm praying and hoping that everything worked and I did ovulate and I am pg. was just wondering what anyone else thought. Thanks for taking the time to listen. =) baby dust to everyone!

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