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First time posting!

Okay this is my first time posting so I'm a bit nervous! But I need advice. My husband and I started TTC in January. I use an app to track my periods/ovulation and it's always been pretty accurate. I wasnt using OPK this month so I'm not 100% if I Ovulated when it says but if I did...we made sure to try within that day and before and after. Around what should be 5dpo I started to notice very tiny cramps. I could barely feel them but I know it wasn't all in my head. My right breast has been super swollen and hurts since 5dpo also. By 6dpo my lower back was feeling pretty sore which is unusual for me. 7dpo I had a REALLY uncomfortable sharp pain in my right nipple. It lasted for a few minutes and that was it. And my cramps were getting noticeably worse but they came in waves every like 20 minutes and lasted about 2 minutes each. They were on both sides and in the middle down low where I my period cramps would be. 8dpo I was having pain in my right hip and leg. I was SO uncomfortable. It felt like growing pains...that's the best way I can describe it. I also noticed on 8dpo I didnt have much of an appetite anymore. Didnt feel sick, but food just didnt sound good at all and normally I eat quite a bit during the day. Today is 9dpo and I was pretty emotional today. Haven't really felt any bad cramps. I noticed a tiny bit earlier but nothing serious. Hip and leg pain is gone..still not a big appetite. I've also been having really strange and clear dreams for the past week! Not sure if there is a reason but it's odd for me. We arent using any special treatment so theres nothing like that that could be causing those small cramps and pains that early. Anyone else have any similar symptoms and get a BFP?

Am I Pregnant?


When you’re actively trying to get pregnant, those two weeks between ovulation and a positive home pregnancy test (or your period) can seem much longer. If you’re like most women, you’ll spend them hyper-aware of every ache, twinge and craving your body has, wondering whether it’s an early sign of pregnancy. One of the most telltale pregnancy symptoms you might be looking for is bleeding. If you do have some light spotting, does it mean anything? While it can be hard to tell, many women who go on to have healthy, normal pregnancies have what’s called implantation bleeding around the time that their embryo lodges itself into the side of the uterus. The best way to know whether you’re pregnant or not is to wait a few more days and take a pregnancy test. The timing of when you last had sex might also help you figure it out: If it’s been more than two weeks, it’s unlikely that any spotting you're having is implantation bleeding.

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