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Five Days Late, Possible Implantation Bleeding and Pregnancy Symptoms But Negative Urine and Blood Test

My husband and I have been actively tracking my fertile days and trying for about 4 months now. I noticed some spotting in between the two weeks from trying till testing and read that it could be implantation bleeding. Of course I was excited. On April 2nd my period did not start and I took an early pregnancy test that supposedly could test before the day of your missed period. It was negative. The box contained 2 tests so when I still didn't have my period on the 4th I tested again - and again negative. I called my OB/GYN and scheduled a work-in appointment for the very next day which was Friday. I went in and he ordered a urine and a blood test for pregnancy and I had a full exam and I was still told it came back negative.

He said one of two things were going on here. A) Either I am pregnant and it is just not showing up yet or B) I did not ovulate this month. It would be a little surprising to me if I didn't ovulate because I haven't missed a period in nearly 20 years. I completely forgot to mention to him that I thought I had implantation bleeding. He said if I am pregnant that it would in no way harm the baby and that if I don't start my period in 10 days to come back and see him and we would test again. Later Friday night I had a faint pink trace of blood after the shot that day but no bleeding and not spotting or signs of blood since that. All that was on Friday the 5th, and it is now Sunday the 7th and still nothing so I am 5 days late which is VERY UNUSUAL for me. I don't want to get my hopes up but it's so hard not to and I am so confused as to what is going on with my body. I do feel similar to when I was pregnant the first time. I have had cold-like symptoms, I am fatigued, my breasts are sensitive and I am very weepy and emotional.

Do you think there is a possibility I might actually BE pregnant?

Am I Pregnant?



I'm in the same boat! I had an incedibly light period, more or less like implantation bleeding, around 3 weeks ago. Tested twice and both were negative. But my bbs hurt sooooooo bad and I have af-like cramps. Fx it just isn't showing up yet! Good luck

i meant to add that he gave me a progesterone shot to start my period and he said if i am pregnant it would not hurt the baby. i re-read my post and i was typing so fast i left that part out.

good luck to you to you too! feel free to message me. :)

Same thing I went to the dr when I was 2 days late all negatives including blood, now I`m 10 days late with nausea, sore breast, very emotional. Finally going to the dr tomorrow! It is very hard not to get your hopes up! I have never been late!!!

Am as confused as u,expected my period on d 18th of june bt all I see is spotting n am 7days late.had d urine test bt it came out negative n am still spotting light bleeding,is it possible dat I culd be pregnant but av nt done blood test..pls anybody to advice me..

I have irregular periods but my last period was on the 25 to 30 of june and after 2 weeks I started having pregnancy symptombs urinating more often,eating too much, gatting more fatter,inching neeples, heart burn, boobs getting bigger,pain on my back and on the 23 of july I got brown discharge till the 1st of august where I got my periods. I dnt knw if I'm pregnent or not all the test I made came negetive, plz help me

I have irregular periods but my last period was on the 25 to 30 of june and after 2 weeks I started having pregnancy symptombs urinating more often,eating too much, gatting more fatter,inching neeples, heart burn, boobs getting bigger,pain on my back and on the 23 of july I got brown discharge till the 1st of august where I got my periods. I dnt knw if I'm pregnent or not all the test I made came negetive, plz help me

10 days late,two hpt's came negative,have an appoinment with a dr 2moro bt 2day notices a light pink blood on my panties,later it turn dark red to brownish.This was suppose to be my 1st period since i stopped taking pills and i'm so anxious.I've bn drinking and i'm afraid that if i am preg den i might hurt my baby with de booze bt i just cant help it coz i'm frustrated

I'm 29 for past 2 weeks my nipples have been sore and side of my breast, I've been bloated, tired more then normal, not real hungry, Moody, moist down stairs more then normal, constipated, frequent urinating pressure in lower stomach and 5 days late...on day 6 my lower stomach had a mild cramp like pressure and light pink when wiped and then brownish color wipe barely any on panty liner...can some one please help...oh forgot to mention I've had two miscarriages in the last year...

My period is 5 days late. I have been having negative tests all leading up to today. This am I peed and notice a light brown discharge in my panties and then dark red blood appeared after that. Throughout the day there isnt really any bleeding until I go pee again. I am really confused because I think I had one last period with I was pregnant with my Daughter but Im not sure. How much bleeding is supposed to go on in implantation bleeding and how many days do it lasts? My doctor said to return in a week but im nervous as hell and this is stressing me out. My period lasts five days so if this bleeding goes the whole 5 can I just count this as my period? ADVICE PLEASE!!!!

Im 5 days late i have cramping and very light pink spotting when i wipe i took 2 pregnancy test both negative and took one at thr dr. Office also negative i dont know whats going on can anyone help?

Hi I'm also confused. My boyfrnd & i had sex on my ovulation day just after my periods in October. Come november Had a brownish discharge mistook it for my my periods which appeared when I wiped & also drops on my panty liner. Was 2 weeks late Took two hpt which were negative, now its december on the 6th I got my periods, I'm so confused as to why this is happening cos I've never really had irregular cycles. Plz help!!!

Can we have updates please.....

Last mp was 10/25/2013 its now december I started noticeing jt barly blood sunday the 22 of December monday had Doc Appt bt that morning got up to use the bathroom I see this brown discharge and some time after blood so get to the doc off pelvic exam my doc was like I dont think your pregnant blood test and urine test came back negative really didnt get much info but im just going to wait it out and see how this bleeding gonna go cause this is not my usual period hell im not even cramping im nauseaus as hell to my stomach im dizzy all the time mood swings appetite chaged feel bloated

Im only 3 days late I had my lastnperiod and about 2 weeks after my last period I had what looked like implantation bleeding for about 3 4 days never happened to me im not feeling any big pregnancy symptoms amd I took 2 home pregnancy tests both were negative im having light cramps amd light back pain

Hi we only started trying in december hapoen to get it over my ovulation date i am 5 days late cramping, slight bck pain 2 negitive tests white discharge. Very unusual breasts and just started very lightly bleeding but only on tissue not enough to come out. Am i pregnant,? Its pink not red. Exhausted and headaches any help please ? X

Ok so I was to start my period on the 21 of Jan. But 5 days before there was like 2 drops brownish stuff on my panty thinking I should start my period, but nothing happend the next day there was a bit more brown stuff but again nothing happend. I'm now 2 days late. My left nipple was very sensitive, nausea, bloated, moody, just want to eat even though I'm not hungry. I took a HPT but came back negative. What can it be?

I actually don't know what cycle I have. All I know is that I last had my period on Dec. 9th, 2013 and ended on Dec 15th 3013. ever since then I haven't receive my period. Can someone please help a sister out? Do you know what kind of cycle I have because I usually get my period 4 weeks after another. and today I faced silky light light pink/blood discharge and now stopped. Can I be prego?

Me and my husband have been trying now to have a baby for 3 months,we have intercourse every night and he always makes sure his spurm goes all the way in,my cycle is normally 24 days apart december 26 I started my cycle yesterday the 24 I saw I had a brownish pink discharge for about 3 hour the I had blood that was running like water it was very thin and dripping,now the blood is dark but unusual I worked it out my cycle was 5 days late!!! My nipples are sore I can't even touch hard,my husband says my boods feel heavy to him!!!!!I have a very strong sence of smell,I'm craving coke all the time,I somthimes get bad pain under my ribs on my right had side more towards my back,I'm always tired I sleep a lot!!!,I'm sniffing a lot too.....please who can give me some advice cause I'm not sure if I must wait to do a test or what, who thinks I'm pregant plz coment

i got my last period in october, i have never been able to keep up wit my period because its irregular and does what it wants to... normally i will get the brown discharge before my period is about to start.... but i have just been spotting, i took two h.p.t and they where negative. but i am still spotting and my period has yet to come. i am scared as shit because i don't know what is going on. my m.c has never been this way before. i made an appointment to take a p.t at the doctors hopefully that will shed a little light on my current situation.

My last period was 8th of Jan, had intercourse 3 days on my HF and Ovulation and few days after that. It's now 4th of Feb and i'm 7 days late ( which in my life I've never been late and always had heavy period and pains) I tested early this morning today came back neg. But today i had a little bleed this morning??

Am three days supposed to see my period on 4th Feb now I c it on 7th.but I still feel vomit and headache but no breast pain.r my pregnant

Me and hubby are trying to conceive.... I was on the pill for 6 months before I left it, its been 4 months now that I am not using the pill. I am 30 years of age and I have never had a missed period ever since I started mine at the age of 13. I was 5 days late with my period, but today when I went to the loo, I saw I got mine. My breast feels really tender and there's like a clear sticky fluid coming out of it when pressing it slightly. I did 2 tests but both showed negative.... Can anyone tell me what's happening to me as I don't want to go to the doctor if its not really something to worry about..... Thanks your help would be much appreciated....

Hey my last period was December 23 and I did not get my period last month which was January now its February 7 and I still haven't got my period I have been getting some pregnancy symptoms and I have always been regular and I have had unprotected sex with my boyfriend but the other day I peeed and noticed blood when I wiped am I pregnant??? Please help

Hi this is pretty much like me my cycle is usually 31 days long last period was January 3rd. I was do around the 2-3rd... Nothing it's been 6 days now and two days ago on 2/6/14 I noticed brown blood on my pad when I woke up.I was wearing a pad just in case I started ,well later it turned to a light pink mixed with brown. Yesterday it was heavier but still pink then reddish pink but not the flow of my period it's just a lot when I pee then wipe. Also have very light cramping so kinda indicates wasn't a period cause I'm in good amount of pain when period cramping first starts.Then I switched pads and now back to light pink spots. These are a list of Sypmtoms I have that occur with pregnancy..
• Cramps- have lower pelvic cramping not as bad as period !!
• Bloating- definitely also weight gain a lot!
• Melasma-nope
• Leg pain-yes
• Mood swings-holly hell yes
• Constipation-yes also diarreah
• Missed period- 6 days late
• Pregnancy acne- guess so breaking out a bit more :/
• Nipple discharge- not that ik of.
• Morning sickness- yeah a lil
• Darkening of areola-lemme check.....looks lil darker .
• Breast tenderness-yes they are sore to touch
• Shortness of breath-yes
• Swelling in breasts-fuck yeah they look bigger
• Headaches, backaches-constantly
• Dizziness or fainting- dizzy
• Sore or tingly breasts-nipples extreme sore and around them outwards!
• Frequent urge to urinate-not yet.
• Extreme, unexplainable fatigue-yes always tired even when I sleep like 10hrs
• Elevated basal body temperature-idk Donno how to tell I feel hot like heats coming out body! Also don't have bbt thermometer.
• Spotting or implantation bleeding- yes the 6th started brown then a brownish pink yesterday heavier an pinkish red then lightens to brownish pink
• Breasts may start feeling heavier or fuller- the feel heavy and way bigger also look bigger!
• Food cravings or aversions to certain foods- I have been craving ice cream, and the top sirloin french fries and Greek salad meal from king kong like a week.. Till I just had it tonight craving chips, and oj
• Vaginal discharge (white/milky in Pregnancy- it looked like could've been a lil but I'm spotting so idk
Smells that you usually like now disgust you- yep coffee I love it but need to hold nose near it it appalls me makes me sick.. I also have a firmer pelvic and lil firmer tummy and felt my cervix not really wanting to feels a bit low and high like this was first time idk where it usually sits but was soft not firm. Oh and I'm still spotting from what I think is implantation bleeding I'm taken a pregnacy test once I go to bed and wake up for first pee. I'm also cunfused because I have a bit more symptoms now then I did in August last yr when I was pregnant and miscarried oct 3.. With that I never had implantation bleeding and two home test showed faint line all urine and blood at dr.s negative went to obgyn after I bled on the 3rd of October so the 4th obgyn and she told me I miscarried.. But now way more sypmtoms and implantion bleeding and missed period 6 days... Oh and I missed my period for 4 days when what I suspected was implantion bleeding started.. So if anyone knows if I am pregnant plz inform also the symptom chart I posted was to help others to :) good luck lets hope for lots of magical baby dust for us that want it :)

Oh yeah forgot to mention me and my fiancé have unprotected sex about every night to every other. I do want to get pregnant again.. I have baby names picked out and all.. So it would make me happy if I was.. Also after he un releases himself I sit there for awhile to let it seep in sometimes I put a pillow under my bit to elevate hips so it goes further down read about that lol but like I said I am 6 days late and having what I believe is implantation bleeding hope I helped some and you can help me thanks

I had my last period on jan 3rd 2014...i was supost to get one on feb 3 and i never did...sometimes it a day late but always on has been a week..i did get cramping around the 2 thinking that my period was on it is day 8 and i have a little bit of light bleeding when i that my period or can it be something else....this is the frist time this has happend....we are trying to get pregnant which has been a year since we have been trying...been to the doctors before this...periods have been between 28 to 31 days and last 5 days....thanks

okay let me backtrack a little bit. my son was born last April, ever since then I've had heavy periods ever since. lasted for 7-9 days and I had to change a super plus tampon every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I usually start on the 26th or 27th of each month. this time around I was 8 days late and started bleeding on the 5th of feb... on the 8th I just finished "bleeding"... I wanted to see how long I could go without changing my tampon (you might think its gross but it was my test to see how much I was bleeding) 15% of a super plus tampon had brownish light reddish pink blood in 10 hours. yea not a lot compared to my last 9 periods.. I took a test on the 6th and it came back negative. had a blood test today(feb 10th) and it came back negative. im very confused about this situation. im not stressed, nothing has changed with my eating or exercise. everything has been the same so why the late and short bleeding?? if you need any other info let me know.

I missed my periods on dec 2013 so on 13 Jan I had a period bt it was weak I saw it when I was wiping on a toilet tissue it lasted for 2 days then I noticed a brown like discharge dat lasted for 3days now I have white discharge and HPT was negative. I'm just wondering what is happening since I am not prego please help ppl

Hi All,
I have been tracking my menstrual cycle for past 16 months. TTC for past 10 months.
My average cycle is 25 days, minimum being 23 days and maximum was 29 days only once in past 16 months!
Today is cd 34 and stil no AF. I had brown discharge which lasted for 2 days - on cd 27 and 28th. I thought this brown discharge was my period , so i went to doctors office on cd 31, Doctor did a vaginal ultrasound and blood test. Blood test came out negative. The uterine lining was thick and also had a small cyst (which could be cycst from ovulation) - which indicated that the brown discharge on day 27th and 28th wasnt AF. My nurse told me that your hormones are in baseline with period. Today is cd 34, still no signs of AF and BFN urine tests at home. My cycle havent been this long during past 16 months. I so badly want to be pregnant. Also, i see more cervical mucus than usual. Any idea what is going on? Could i still be pregnant? i never experienced such a brown discharge ? could that be implantation bleeding? Is it possible to get a negative blood test week 4 day 3? Is it possible for blood test to show negative while pregnant after 3 days of Implantation bleeding.

I was due my period on the 7th of feb it never came I was so excited as im only ever a few days late my breast were sensitive and I was so much more tired then normal imnow 16days late me and my partner had sex and I spotted a light pinkish blood im now worried I also took to hpt which was negative so I dont no whats going on


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