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Going crazy in my own head after taking plan B

Hi all! So I'm not sure I even have cause for pause here but my husband and I dtd on Friday August 3rd. According to my period calendar my fertile days were July 30th(cycle day 9) to August 5th(cycle day 15) with predicted ovulation on Saturday the 4th(cycle day 14). I took a plan B pill before 24 hours were up but of course panicked when I saw that was the day I was set to ovulate. My cycles are on average 26 days. I haven't experienced anything out of the norm other than being very gassy everyday, and having a rushing/tingling feeling down in my pelvic/groin area. I have multiple sclerosis so I don't know that I'd be able to pick out any other symptoms in this two week+ wait because I'm riddled with pain and weird symptoms everyday. Quite frankly, perhaps the out of the norm symptoms are also related to MS, although I haven't experienced that rushing/tingling/hard to describe feeling before. I know how the plan B pill works, hence my concern. I know it's too soon to tell if I am or am not pregnant as my next period isn't due for another 9 days but I guess I'm wondering if anyone had a similar experience or has any idea what the chances are that I could potentially be pregnant? I will be sure to test if I do in fact miss my period and keep you all updated.

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Thanks to whoever didn't read my full post and just voted without commenting. ALL 3 OF YOU WERE WRONG. I am indeed pregnant. Plan B failed. There's my update.

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