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Had the mirena removed almost 5 weeks ago, no period, could I be pregnant?

On August 2nd I had my mirena removed. I spotted a little bit as normal. It only lasted a couple hours. This was my 3rd mirena and I've had it in for 3 years. My husband and I decided we want to try for our 4th. Our OB said we could get pregnant right away and there's no need to wait for my period. On August 16th I spotted and it lasted for 2 days. It was light pink and turned brown. I didn't think it could be my period, but maybe it was? IF that was my period, then I would have ovulated around August 30th. Over the weekend (September 1st & 2nd) I wore a panty liner because I was worried my period would come since it had been a month since removal and I wasnt sure if it was my period on the 16th or just random spotting. And I had some brown discharge for 2 days but nothing when I wiped. Just a little brown on my liner. Today September 5th, I started to cramp. Not real bad but it only lasted for 5 minutes. No bleeding. I feel nauseous. I'm extremely moody/emotional. My ribs hurt really bad. And my back is killing me. Could I be pregnant?

Am I Pregnant?


Although you can definitely get pregnant right after removing mirena, I know when I had mine removed I spotted for a couple months and had major cramps and moodiness etc as well. I found it was a hard adjustment on my body. so I'd say a 50/50 chance. Update if you find out though. I'm curious!

My period finally showed up yesterday! I'm glad I finally have an answer and can properly track my cycle!! Not knowing is the worst when it's been over 5 weeks haha.

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