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Trying for for #2 5DPO Thursday - positive ovulation result. Watery CM. Had sex Friday- positive ovulation result. EWCF, left ovary pain( disconfort I get during ovulation). Had sex. Saturday - peak ovulation result and more EWCM. No sex. Sunday- more sex. Monday- peak ovulation kit again For 5 days I have felt: nausea extreme tiredness, just wiped got a cold weird lower tummy feeling thoughts?

Am I Pregnant?


I had some symptoms that started over a week before my period was due and they were identical to what I get when I have an impending period. I thought it was odd as the pmt and symptoms don’t usually kick in that early. I had sore b00bs, stomach cramping, bloating, mood swings etc. And I just thought that my period was going to come early. The stomach cramps were really quite painful and I thought I was due for a heavy period. Well, the symptoms continued right past when my period was due although it never arrived. I did a test 2 days afterwards and it was a BFP. The cramps continued for another 2 weeks and then stopped. I still have the sore boobs, bloating and mood swings and I’m approximately 8 or 11 weeks pregnant. Unfortunately, not every woman is the same so they may not all show 'classic signs'. I’m not sure if you have been pregnant before but you will understand anyway when I say 'you just know when you are pregnant'. You just feel that little bit different. I got pregnant either 1 month or 2 months after we started trying. I’m not quite sure of dates so anything is possible. Good luck!!!

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