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Having symptoms but too early to test

This is my first time TTC. I haven't kept close track of my ovulation date, but the week that I was due to ovulate, we BD'd everyday, sometimes twice in one day. It's about 5-6 days until my AF is due, and for the past week or so I've been noticing several things that seem out of the ordinary for me. I have never been on birth control, and I have regular 31 day cycles. My husband and I are both 28y/o.

Very vivid dreams almost every night for a week straight - I had no idea, but later found out this could be a symptom of pregnancy.
Breast tenderness, especially on the lateral sides going up into my armpits. Also larger breasts.
Brief periods of mild nausea, usually in the early to mid afternoon. Very fleeting and slight, but a sense of uneasiness in my stomach.
Hot flashes sporadically mostly in the afternoon.
Craving salty foods, mostly Chinese dumplings.
Extremely emotional, a bit irritable.
Mild occasional cramping.
Increased hunger - waking up starving and eating more than usual throughout the morning especially.

Some input might ease my nerves. The TWW seems so long, and I am anxious to test. Thanks for any advice :)

Am I Pregnant?


I'm praying you will get your BFP as those are good symptoms. I've unfortunately been trying for a little over 2 years and get all those symptoms some months and I've yet to conceive except once which ended in a mc back in December of 2015. I have the exactly same symptoms this month like you. What's different this month is the vivid dreams every night for the past 4 nights and both my breasts hurt (usually only my left one does before AF arrives). My fingers will be crossed for you!

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