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BD the day after a blazing positive OPK. 1dpo: massive migraine the likes of which I've never had. Needed to lay in a dark room for a day and a half. Sore on sides breasts, gassy, loose stool 2dpo-5dpo: backache, intermittent headaches (not as bad as 1dpo), loose stool, creamy/yellowish cm, really bloated 6dpo-7dpo:. Intense backache, pressure and cramps (felt intensely on right, also where I ovulated from) for about 18 hours, flushed and hot, headache, constipated/gassy, tons of creamy/yellow cm, outrageous bloating (I never bloat this much and drink my body weight in water daily), sudden intensely itchy hives across upper back and shoulders and on sides of hips. Took Benadryl and had a soak and they went away, followed immediately by a renewed headache, spat out blood when brushing in the am on 7dpo which is surprising because I am downright anal retentive about flossing and brushing and mouth rinse and have been for over a decade. Tasted blood for hours after that. 8dpo-9dpo (today): low cramps less painful and more pulling in groin and where upper legs meet hips, backache, headache, bloating (OH GOD SO MUCH BLOATING.), gassy, sometimes seeing the edges of things "pulse" in time with my heartbeat when I stare at them for a while and let my eyes get relaxed (ok this is a weird one but I experienced it at the end of my second pregnancy when my blood pressure shot up before I went I to labor) Now that I've made a huge list in chronological order I'm thinking I'm probably pregnant, do you agree? Period is due Thursday, testing if it's late. Aside from the sore breasts and cm changes I don't experience the symptoms I've listed during 'typical' PMS.
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