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Hello everyone I am new to this site i want to share my story, so long story short been in treatment since Nov 2016 and finally i had my first IUI last month June 23 everything seemed perfect had 3 mature follicles husbands sperm was great then that 2 week wait was the longest i had all the symptoms in the world sore breast back pain cramps/twinges and i got my negative test July 7th :(
We decided to go into the 2nd try right away July 21 was the day currently on the 2ww this time with 4 potential follicles now on this 2nd IUI no symptoms i feel nothing in fact i feel greater than ever since we started this journey.. but i dont know what to think should we expect another fail?

Am I Pregnant?


***Also the only strange thing I noticed was either heart burn or acid reflux or something is going on since July 25...

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