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So I want to start off by saying I am not sure exactly what day I ovulated but I have always had a very regular cycle (28 days with my period lasting 7 days). I am 24 and have never been on birth control. In previous months I have done a better job at tracking my OD using OPKs and I usually O on the day specified on my app. According to my app I ovulated on 1/3. We BD 12/31- 1/2. I am now 8dpo and experienced cramping from 3po to 7dpo. I also have been gassy with minor lower back pain. I say minor because it doesn't actually hurt but it is a feeling that I am aware of and I don't normally feel it. I did experience this weird feeling yesterday at work where my thighs felt kind of numb the feeling you have after a good workout and I have been extremely moody the last couple of days. I don't have any major indications of pregnancy. The most prevalent symptom has been the cramping. Now that I am 8dpo the cramping has gone away and I'm nervous that it mean a BFN and AF are soon to follow. What do you guys think. I'd love to here your experiences and opinions.

Baby dust to you all!


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