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Hey guys, I'm going a bit insane, my partner and I have been ttc for a while. We are doing at home artificial insemination as we're both women :) xx also on clomid days 3-7 xxx So this month has driven me mad and I just want to know if I'm pregnant or not now :( CD14- Lh surge cramping lots of EWCM and first insemination. CD15- strong cramping 2nd insemination. 1DPO- cramping settled everything went quiet. 4DPO- light cramping fatigue began 5DPO- twinges here and there and lots of creamy cm 6DPO- still having twinges still lots of CM still do tired. 9DPO- feeling run down, sore boobs, sore back and legs, possible cold coming. Started light spotting in the evening First pg test Negative. 10DPO- all of above plus sensitive to smells, spotting in cm. Pg test Negative. 11DPO- still light spotting and cramps feel rubbish. Fed up pg test negative!! So is this implantation or is AF coming?? So fed up the two week wait feels like 2 years!! Help!!

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