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So...I have been married for 5 years to my high school sweetheart...but I am 43. He decided he didn't want to get healthy or let me be a mother, so we separated in July. My attorneys advised me to not wait to try to conceive, because every month counts. It was funny to get medical advice from lawyers. My office building experienced a fire on August 7 which resulted in me working from home for six weeks, including 10 days in Hawaii, and I got more sun on my skin than I ever have--all while reducing stress and creating a positive environment for myself. I traveled to Hawaii with a naturopathic doctor friend who suggested that I needed to start trying to conceive a few days earlier than I had been thinking were my most fertile days. She helped me adjust my tracking software and consider "spotting" days as first days of my period. I returned to the mainland knowing I would be just fine if I had a baby who was mine-all-mine--a big step for Traditional Me! In September I had the most horrible period after doing a lot of holistic energy healing work--I have never experienced menstrual cramps before, and these were monsters. I usually have very noticeable ovulation pain with spotting that lasts for a few days. However, in October, I had no ovulation pain or ovulation spotting. I am writing this on CD 26. I did use very high quality fresh donor sperm on CD 10 and CD 11. I had fertile EWCM on CD 13 and CD 14. I drank a natural version of the cough medicine with guaifenesin in it during those three fertile days before my suspected ovulation on CD 15 or early CD 16 (had slight O pain on this day.) I also ate almonds and other random healthy food that people said were good for cervical mucus. Unfortunately the battery in my thermometer died and I haven't replaced it, so I don't have temp info for this cycle. Sticky light yellow CM the following week. Breast tenderness started on CD19 and has not stopped. By CD21 the breast pain was pretty vicious near my armpit on the left. I am tough, but this was STRONG pain. Very unusual. On CD22 it moved to the right armpit, so I wasn't thinking it was heart pain. All week I have been waking up earlier than I a few hours before my alarm and am unable to fall back asleep. I have had vivid dreams--one of having my one-month-old baby girl in my arms who was beautiful, and also magically speaking in full sentences. haha! I have been constipated, which is unusual for this early in my cycle. I cried at the drop of a hat on CD23. On CD24 I had a tiny bit of brown spotting on tissue + indigestion / nausea / hunger / belching / gas all at the same time. Attractive! On CD25, a tiny bit more of slight brown spotting on tissue + cold feet at night. Needed a midday nap. On CD 26 (today!) had some light pink spotting on tissue after a very easy BM. I am strangely not constipate for being this close to my period, which is due in 4 days. Other signs today: still sore, erect nipples, vivid dreams, early awake, unwillingness to get out of bed, small flutter in uterus--barely perceptible, small joint pain in my knuckles, headache this morning, random little shocks that ran between my breasts and my uterus after the pink spotting, slight backache, gas pain and gas. But most of all, I have hope. I did conceive with my husband at the beginning of our relationship, but my (dollar store) tests showed a BFN so I stopped progesterone cream and then had an MC at 6 weeks. I am a lot healthier now, and have only used maca root powder to balance hormones. I did order some supplementary progesterone cream just in case I am whaddya think? Vote! Am I going to become a mother for the first time (naturally) at age 44?

Am I Pregnant?


Update: At the end of CD26 I passed two small light brown threads/strings with urine, then had a very strong abdominal cramp across my entire lower abdomen accompanied with a severe backache at midnight. It came on suddenly and only lasted a minute or two. No spotting on CD27. I feel totally normal, except for some nipple tenderness (they look like erasers!) Also, I noticed I am not craving chocolate or salt like I normally do this close to my period. I did start progesterone cream just in case there is a little one trying to come into this world who needs a little boost. With my other suspected pregnancy, I got a BFN on CD28 so I stopped the cream, and it triggered an obvious MC. Very sad. I have learned my lesson!

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