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I had no idea just how weird my body can be until now

Hey everyone! Happy New Year!

This is my first time posting. I'm 10 dpo today and I feel like I could be pregnant or ya know, crazy. I've been having symptoms that are not my usual PMS & I'm trying to remain rational through this.

I had pinching and cramping on the right side on 6 through 8 dpo off and on. It was sort of a dull ache along with pinching & then my lower back got tight and sore.

I've also had brief sharp pains through my boobs and nipples. Yesterday my nipples started to get sore & my boobs are sore as well which is out of the norm for me. Sometimes it's just one nipple which is weird.

I've had major dampness & tons of CM.

Here comes the weird part... my inner thighs & groin felt super hot earlier & almost throbbing like there was a rush of blood to that area.

Other than that I'm having cramps & lower back pain way too early for it to be AF. My temp is up, but it's my first month really temping consistently so that's somewhat irrelevant. I've been experiencing gas and cramps & it's way too early for AF cramps.

I've gotten a bfn yesterday & again today.

Has anyone else experienced this? Or better yet has anyone else experienced similar & gotten a bfp?

Am I Pregnant?


"I feel like I could be pregnant or ya know, crazy. I've been having symptoms that are not my usual PMS & I'm trying to remain rational through this." YES GIRL YES! I totally feel you on this. 

Hang in there, this TWW can be sooooo long! :) I hope you get your BFP soon!, it feels like forever! I got dizzy and nauseated early, ran to the bathroom & then nothing. I seriously feel like a mad person. Fingers crossed for us both! 

Oh goodness. I've been having crazy night sweats, which is bizarre for me... here's where I'm at:

Sounds like you're pregnant to me! Have you started testing yet? I'm scared at this point. 

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