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I had sex on my period. Am I pregnant?

I'm age 26 . I normally have a 28-30 day cycle. I had unprotected sex twice on the 6th day of my period. I think I ovulated on day 14 as I had my usual stabbing pain in my side. Since I ovulated I have had period like cramps in my lower abdomen. They have been there with 2 weeks which is very unusual for me. They are mild not very painful. Since day 14 I have bad bloating and constipation and it has worsened considerably today on day 26. I have never felt bloated like this before. I have some CM.I think I might be pregnant so I did a clear blue early response rest on day 23 and it was a bfn. I did another boots early response one today(day 26) and it was bfn again. I think I'll wait to see if I miss my period to try and test again.
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Am I Pregnant?


When you’re trying to conceive, waiting any time at all for a pregnancy test can feel like an eternity. You just want to see that positive result and start preparing for a baby. However, when you take the test can have a significant impact on the results. So how long should you wait before taking a pregnancy test? The answer depends on several factors related to your hormone levels. The timing of your missed period — or even the regularity of your cycle altogether — can affect your test results. In general, it pays to err on the side of patience and wait as long as possible. As the American Pregnancy Association explained, the urine tests that you can buy in the drugstore are testing for the presence of hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in your system, which is produced during pregnancy by placental cells. It takes a little time for evidence of hCG to build up. Of course, waiting around for the perfect time to test is easier said than done when you are eager to welcome a new baby into your family. Although you probably want to start testing the day Aunt Flo doesn't show, it might be a good idea to bide your time for a few days. As my Bio tex OB-GYN explained, the hCG needs time to build up in your urine, so waiting a week after your missed period may yield more accurate results. If you test too soon, you might get a false negative because there just isn't enough hCG in your system yet. However, your timing may also depend on the sensitivity of your particular test.

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