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I have no idea...

I am at CD 43. My last two cycles were 31 and 32 days. Everything looked as if I ovulated on CD 20, (an 11-12 day luteal phase is typical for me) with watery CM and a temp spike the next day, with just a little sticky CM the next morning. CD 21 temp dropped low, CD 22 and 23 temp was back up. I stopped temping and checking CM. DH and I had full on unprotected intercourse on CD 30. I developed a bad cold right before I thought I was set to ovulate. Now I'm thinking my sickness delayed ovulation, possibly to about the time we had unprotected sex. He did ejaculate inside of me, and I fell asleep with it within me as well.
I have had heartburn the last week, which is extremely rare for me. I'm turned off by my favorite bar of dark chocolate. I have sharp twinges in my pelvis and a dull aching lower back. I had a headache for a couple days. I continued to have a lot of creamy cm, watery cm until yesterday when it went sticky. My vagina feels more swollen. A day with a random sore throat. I have been stuffed up even though I got over a cold a week or more ago. Still BFN--- and the last seven days. But I still have no idea when I ovulated. It could have been three days after we had sex, and I may only be 10 DPO. I don't know if there is a way to upload my chart to make it easier to understand this. I keep testing and temping every morning. My temperature has continued to be elevated and even spiked up.

We were planning to start trying to conceive this next year, just not so early. Still I am excited and think I'll actually be disappointed if menses starts.

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