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I just feel crazy. . .

I feel like I'm going crazy-not literally. I posted on here last Friday but since then some other stuff has happened and now I'm here again. If you'd like to know the details previous to this post-All in my head?- is my last posting. With that in mind, the tender and sore BBs continue, and so do the odd stomach twinges. But most importantly and weirdly-on cycle day 30-31 I had light brown spotting that wasn't consitant. I've never spotted before a period, and I've never had brown blood either. I forsure thought it was AF tho-however, nothing. Couple of drops and some when I wiped. Then-nothing. That would've happened at 15-16 dpo. And I'm now on cycle day 35. My periods, are irregular-but I do get them every month. It just varies between 27 days to anywhere in between to 41. My average is 33-34. I did have nausea and headaches last month. But not the cramping, not the pink spotting or the brown spotting, not the dizziness, not the weird tummy twinges and definetly not the sore cracked nips! Tho I did wake up today and they looked-so different to me. I don't know how to explain it. They look fine now but this morning. . . It was weird. I've also had on and off snotty discharge? Which, isn't normal for me either. . . Usually I have white creamy and then dry up-or stay semi-watery but not really watery, if that makes sense. . . Also, I've been doing water aerobics, and every time I'm in the pool, at some point it feels like my period is starting-like that 'down there' feeling? But nothing. I've also had it a couple times when I'm just laying about. . . It's the weirdest thing! Everything is weird for me, I know. Anyways. That's all!

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