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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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I really think I am pregnant please help

My husband and I are ttc first cycle. Showing that I o'd august 28th lamp was 8/15 average cycle 28 days period due 9/11 since 3 dpo I had a stuffy nose and extremely tired at 6 or 7 dpo really really tired breastfeeding started hurting like a burn feeling bumps around nipple and dull cramps off and on 8 dpo cramps still boob pain also at 7th noticed heavy clear slick cm 9th pulling sensation behind belly button lighting bolt pains to crotch lower center back pain and rectum pain really loose stool still tired and bury and gassy some heart burn easy to cry 10 dpo light breast pain around nipple and sides nips have white tip cramps pretty much subsided feeling pressure and bloating very bury and acid reflux gassy weepy real easy at 8 dpo 9 dpo and 10 dpo bfn with frer c and Walgreens off brand

Am I Pregnant?


I am playing the same waiting game as you, period due Sept 13th. BFN on FRER test this morning, but I still feel all sorts of pains making me feel pregnant. Let me know if you get your BFP

So did you get your period?

Any updates?? I'm pulling for you!

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