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Do You Think I Am Pregnant?

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I think I am but I need your opinion on this.

Your opinion matters on this one. So my last period was on the 18th of February very early in the morning. I was ovulating on the 3rd of March and was sexually active on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March. My period is due this Friday 16th of March (Ironically it’s my birthday) I am 10dpo now and the test shows negative. But here is the thing, I feel different. Without realising I am eating at least double of the food I would normally eat and I eat like a horse! It’s so unusual for me. I know the obvious symptoms of pregnancy and I am obviously waaaay too early to have any of those. However, the first thing I noticed was that I could sense smells strongest I have ever experienced. I sensed my bosses perfume so I just complimented her on it and she says she’s been wearing it every day (I’ve worked here for 6 months). Like I can smell things that aren’t even there hahaha. The obvious symptoms I would say I have is that I need to pee. Like I am nooooot happy that I am waking up during the night to pee and I have to do to more often than ever. And feeling light headed. Not nauseous as everyone would say but light headed. And I’m having a weak craps but as my period is due soon I try to dust everything under the carpet thinking is just psychological but It just feel it. I just know I’m not the normal me. It’s weird. I am also very spiritual and I asked my pendulum whether I’m pregnant right now, if there is a fetus growing inside me now and a few other different ways as you have to be pretty specific on questions. All said I am pregnant. I asked about baby’s heath and miscarriage as I lost a baby on my last pregnancy. It says that the baby is heathy and that I will be giving birth in November. I know how your desire and energy can interfere so I asked someone else to do it for me who is very experienced in this area and it came back that I am pregnant now, that the baby is okay and I will give birth to it. I have asked this pretty much every day since my ovulation and it keeps saying I’m pregnant but I’ve done home pregnancy tests and they tell me negative. There was one that showed a hugely pale test line which would indicate positive test but the next ones have been negative. So I’m super confused, excited and disappointed. I know it’s too early as I still haven’t missed my period but I think your opinion is important to me.

Am I Pregnant?


No one expects to have problems trying to conceive. After being told to avoid unintended pregnancies. It's hard to imagine that getting pregnant would actually be "work". When you're trying to have a baby, seeing your period again suddenly becomes disappointing. So what can you do to manage the disappointment? First, keep in mind that the natural conception rate is about 25% in fertile couples having spontaneous, untimed intercourse. However, when you're ready to be pregnant, that ratio can seem very low. Although we can be realistic about the numbers. Our hearts still ache when we aren't immediately successful. If it's your first few months of trying. The right answer might be to just breathe. Learn to pause and adjust your expectations. It may get harder and harder to remain upbeat and optimistic as the months pass by. So then what? Seek support. Staying active and positive helps put negative energy in its proper place.

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