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I think this could be it.....

Hey all you lovely ladies! So heres my little "Am I Pregnant" rant... lol Could be considered TMI so please be aware! ....... Okay, so here it goes.... My husband and I have been TTC for the last 9 months.. I am so use to seeing BFN's its ridiculous now. I am trying everything possible to not give my hopes up just yet but I swear this is my month. My last Cycle was on October 8th through the 11th with 2 days of spotting afterwards. On CD 14 I had very light spotting, only when wiping. I believe I had O'ed on October 26th due to positive OPK on the 25th and had EWCM on the 26th. I am pretty regular with a cycle lasting anywhere from 28-32 days at the very most. I was suppose to start AF on November 8th but the night before, I got some mild type twinges almost like a quick stabbing pain (possibly the end of implantation?) I am now sitting here at CD35 with absolutely no hint of AF arriving. I usually have every single symptom imaginable leading up to AF but this time around, I don't have anything except for being extremely tried, feeling out of breath doing the littlest of things, dull cramps every now and then along with some mild constipation.. I have been checking cervix position and CM every day and have been for the last 9 months which I know your cervical position cant really tell you too much but mine is high, hard and very closed and I also have creamy (ish) CM. I am usually very very sexually aroused when my AF is approaching but for the last week, I haven't been wanting to sleep with my husband (which is how it was when I was pregnant with our son 2 years ago) sooooo, anyways, theres my little rant, if any of you could shed some light, it would be wonderful. I know the clear answer is to take a test but I am soooo scared to. I did test the day AF was suppose to arrive and got a BFN. :(

Am I Pregnant?


Good luck i hope you are!

Good luck! Sprinkling some baby dust for ya!

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