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I'm really struggling

I came off of birth control in march. Had a 30 day cycle. Then a 37 day cycle. And now I'm currently on cycle day fifty something (I've lost track). Last week on Wednesday, I had pink cm, I thought it was AF. Then a dot of red (was sure she was coming) it turned into brown cm and then it was gone by Thursday morning and didn't come back. Over the weekend I took 3 Walgreens brand hpts, they were the blue dye kind. I thought I was seeing a very faint positive on each. I was beyond excited. Ran out and got a clear blue digital it said "not pregnant" read that sometimes those need more hormone and ran out again to get a first response pink dye test. It was negative. I felt so crushed. Apparently lots of people get tricked with the evap line with those Walgreens tests. I really thought I was... but I guess I'm not? Anyway now it's Monday and still no AF. this morning when I woke up there was a bit of pinkish reddish cm and Now it's 2:30 pm and nothing. Could I still be pregnant? Is all hope gone?

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