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Cycle varies between 33-35 days. I breastfeed my 1 year old on demand with nightly feedings. I’ve had my period for 5 months now and ttc #2.

BD every other day during fertile week and after. Ovia calculated 15th-20th.

Today is cycle day 28 and I’ve experienced light pink and light brown colored discharge while wiping and in the toilet and then about 4 hours later experienced spotting literally smaller than a dime size on my liner and in the toilet that looked dark brown/dark rusty red like the end of my period... Experiencing fatigue, light cramps, a bunch of discharge staining ALL OF MY undies white (DH even thought it weird), back aches, STRONG sense of smell, moodiness, hot flashes (been feeling hot last couple of days actually), and fatigue (climbing stairs had me ready for a nap)..... period is due in 7 days (the 1st)......

Am I Pregnant?


Started out promising but now bleeding heavily with tiny tissue and a lot of back pain...... very disappointed and hope that my next pregnancy comes easier than my first did (took years of trying and fertility help)...... I guess better luck next month.....

Sorry this was not your month. Fingers crossed for next cycle.

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