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Implantation at 4 dpo??

Hey ladies,

I'm pretty sure I ovulated on Sunday of this last week (March 10th). I don't chart or anything; I actually get these little twinges each time I ovulate. DH and I had intercourse Saturday, Sunday, and Monday just to be sure.

Anyway, Thursday afternoon I found myself suddenly nauseous right before dinner and I had to sit down and drink water away from the dinner smells (they were making it worse!). I was sitting near a bathroom in case I had to throw up (it was that bad) for about an hour and half and it finally went away after that. Ate dinner fine, everything was good, and then when I was doing the dishes right after dinner I suddenly had some cramping on the lower right side of what felt like my uterus. I was convinced it was just IBS (it's really hard to tell sometimes) but when I went to the bathroom shortly after that, I had a LOT of runny CM and it was brown on my underwear and bright red on my tp. I wiped again and it was still red but there was a LOT less. I put on a pad, and nothing ever got on it after that and the cramping went away as suddenly as it started.

Yesterday was Friday, and I seriously could not control my emotions at all! I had to remove myself from the room at one point because I was crying so hard for a very stupid reason. Since the sudden bleeding, I've had little twinges (like very light cramps), what feels like pre-period bloating, and I've been fighting off a headache. Very little nausea today, but I'm wondering...could I be pregnant??

Am I Pregnant?


The exact same thing happened to me in 2012 but it turned out to be be positive but Also be careful...if you get any pain go straight to doctor or hospital...I hope it's goods news for you!!

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