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Implantation bleed or period coming

Hi my last period was 1st December and I finished on the 6th December. I had unprotected sex once on the same day I finished where he came inside me once. Then the next week I had unprotected sex twice where we did it once with a condom and then used nothing where I think he came inside me. Now I use a period app which calculates when I'm next due. It said I was due on the 29th December which was 2 days ago. But on that morning I had about a spoonful of light red blood mixed with looked like watery discharge. So obviously I assumed I was coming on. So wore a pad all day and was only dark brown/red spoting. That night I had awful cramps where I was adamamant I'm coming on even had to do the horrible number 2 which comes with a period. So put on 2 pads because I was sure I was gonna bleed where nothing was on it. So this morning I had a light red bleed where I wiped and thought yet again it's definitely coming so I put on another pad and nothing is coming down but yet I'm getting mild cramps again. I did do a test Tuesday gone obviously negative and my nipples are tingling every now and again but not all the time but I get that when I'm due on too. I'm scared to do another test incase I get a negative again. What do you guys think. Could it be implantation bleed or AF trying to make a ugly show.

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