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Implantation bleeding?

Hi. I'm at 12dpo and currently trying not to go nuts waiting to see if my period comes in 2 days.

We inseminated on July 19th via ICI at home.

3-5dpo: super gassy

5-6dpo: noticed boobs a bit swollen and nips sensitive (unusual even during PMS or period); dizzy when standing

7-9dpo: nipple sensitivity increased and boobs feel more solid; dizziness continued

10-12dpo: nips actually hurt when a shirt lightly brushed them, constantly hard and a bit achy. A little cranky and my back hurt (expected it was PMS bc early tests have been negative). I also lost my temper on 11DPO which is super unusual. I was SO angry over a small incident. Very unlike me.

13dpo: spotting that is brownish and mild cramps (implantation bleeding?) - I've never spotted before my period ever, and I'm supposed to bleed in 2 days.

I don't want to get too excited. What do you think?

Am I Pregnant?

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