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Implantation Bleeding?

My first time ever posting ☺. Me and hubby have been trying to conceive for about 5 cycles now. We are both 34. We have one dd that is 6 years old. I am starting to get nervous because I am fastly approaching 35 in 2 months. I know that is when fertility starts declining! I was sure this month I would start my menstral as usual. I started these past 2 months not to get my hopes up. With our daughter we gotten pregnant on the very first try. This time around has been a challenge. Trying not to be TMI, so bare with me.... I was due to start my next cycle this comming Tuesday Oct 3, 2017. Yesterday evening I came on my menstral (thats what I thought)!!! I wiped and there was blood on the TP... First glance I thought it was bright red. I really didn't pay attention, because I really thought I was just starting my period. I went to the bathroom later and there was nothing on the tampon I had inserted. So then I just put a liner on. Then this morning I went to the restroom and there still was not any blood so I took a test. IT WAS BFN. Its nearly 4:30pm still nothing! Since I have been on my menstral (13 yrs old) I always have came on 7 days and starts out heavy for the first 3/4 days then gets lighter the rest of the days. I did not spot or have implantation bleeding with my daughter. I have never been a person to have spotting. My question is, do you think me just wiping and seeing a small amount of blood could have been implantation bleeding 3 days before expected period? I really dont think I have had any signs, but I didnt with my daughter either. Could it have been too early for me to get a positive because its still 2 days before expected period? Anyone experience having implantation, a neg hpt then get a positive? Any insight to my situation would be appreciative.
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I was just wondering what happened in your case. Did you end up getting your period? Did you take a pregnancy test? Positive? Negative? I am in a similar situation and wondering the same thing about myself so I am curious as to how it turned out for you. Good luck to you.. If not now, Soon, God Willing.

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