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Implantation Bleeding?

I’ve officially lost my marbles as the TTC journey has been a longer than expected one. I usually have a 31-33 day cycle, very rarely anything less or more (maybe once a year I’ll have one a little shorter or a day or two longer). Yesterday, I was 4-5 days late, excited and finally ready to take a pregnancy test, as I’d rather get AF than to see another negative test. I️ ovulate later than most, this month on Day 20, my luteal phase is usually 12 days. I’ve had absolutely no PMS or pregnancy symptoms this month except for very very very light cramps a couple days before my expected period. Then... I spotted for about 12 hours very light watery pink/red which never happens- I don’t spot and if I do it’s very dark red and thick and AF begins full force within the hour). I then bled for a whole day filling 3-4 tampons over the course of the day including last night... I woke up at 4, changed my tampon, then woke up at 10:30 and nothing! It’s currently 12:30 and I’ve had one spot of red to where i am now just using a panty liner. My second day is ALWAYS my heaviest... And now it’s practically nonexistent. I’m on for usually 4 days. Is it possible to bleed geavy for 1 day and still be pregnant.. could this be implantation bleeding as my cycles are longer and i ovulate later than most? I am waiting a couple more days before i test so in the mean time do YOU think I’m pregnant?
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