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Implantation bleeding?

I ovulated on Wednesday 28th of feb, my partner and I made sure to have sex around this time. 5 days later on Monday 5th of March I started spotting brown liquid. This got much heavier 2 days later on the Wednesday and almost looked black at one point but all spotting had stopped by Friday the 9th. My period isn’t due until tomorrow and I’ve taken about 5 pregnancy tests which have all said negative. I do suffer from Endometriosis and have been recovering acupuncture to help with this. I saw my Chinese medicine lady yesterday who said it sounded like implantation bleeding however it could have been my uterus just shedding out old blockages and blood, but it would be a strange time to do it. My hopes are up but I don’t feel pregnant, and thinking that surely the tests would have said positive by now if I were?

Am I Pregnant?


I want to use this means to let the world know that all hope is not lost Getting pregnant after having tubes clamped and burned, I know IVF and Reversal could help but it way too cost, i couldn't afford it either and i so desire to add another baby to my family been trying for 5 years, not until i came across Priest Babaka, who cast a pregnancy/Fertility spell for me and i got pregnant.l hope that women out there who are going through the same fears and worries l went through in GETTING PREGNANT , will find your contact as i drop it here on this site, and solution will come to them as they contact you. Thank you and God bless you to reach him email via: or facebook at priestly.babaka

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