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Implantation bleeding at 4 DPO?

Weve been TTC for 2 years. Ironically had a fertility expert appointment yesterday, he did a scan, and said that the lining looks very good for this stage of my cycle (he didnt give mm). After the appointment I felt a "gush", and there was pink/brown blood enough to fill a pantyliner. But that was it nothing since. I was on cycle day 20 yesterday, have normal 30 day cycles. Know I ovulated on Cycle day 16/17 (OPK and tempting). So could this be implantation bleeding. Did my endometrium only look good because it was about to shed? Would he not have picked it up that I was about to begin my period if it was that. Is my first time that I have had mid cycle bleeding

Am I Pregnant?


I have mid cycle bleeding just like you described if I get very stressed about something. Maybe the stress of the Dr. visit caused your bleeding too? Whatever the case I hope the very best outcome for you! Prayers and baby dust!

I agree with baby dancer ! Could be stress bleeding which happens sometimes ... I personally had implantation bleeding and i noticed it 2 days before my period was due and it was only light pink and only when I wiped ... either way it still could be IB so fingers crossed for you and lots of baby dust !!!

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