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Implantation bleeding or AF?!

Try to keep this short! I am TTC and am starting to think maybe this month is the month! My cycle usually ranges from 29-31 days and AF of always bang on 5 days, I also suffer from very heavy periods with (TMI warning) huge clots. I don't really have a warning just get bad cramps and within 30mins to an hour it's full on heavy bleeding for the next 3 days then it starts to slow down. My periods are so heavy I even visited my GP about it because I was worried (tests and ultrasounds showed everything was fine and healthy down there thank god). Well, this month I started spotting on day 24 and at first I was convinced it was implantation bleeding as it was literally very light pinky/brown discharge and only when I wiped but the issue is, I'm now on day 26 and I'm still spotting, nothing ever touches my pad or knickers, only ever when I wipe but after all the research I've done everyone says it must be my period as now the spotting looks like fresh blood and it's not really slowing down. I've checked my cervix and there is literally never any blood on my finger after. I'm just soo baffled and I want to test tomorrow morning but I worry testing on day 27 which is technically at least two day before my period is due will be to early to tell but it's killing me! TTC for 1yr now and the tww doesn't get any easier!! Anyone experienced anything like this and got a BFP?!?!

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