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Implantation bleeding? TTC

My husband and I are TTC. I got off Nexplanon last year in October, so my cycles are off, and charting has been difficult. ------------------ The 1st day of my last period was Jan 18th. Ended Jan 23/23rd. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ BD on the 27th/31st of Jan. According to my Period Tracker. Default cycle set at 30 days. I ovulated on Feb 3rd. -------------------------- BD on Feb 10th. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Feb 11th-Mild Cramping, L Ovary. Craving sweets like my life depended on it. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Feb 12th- All day I had the bladder the size of a pea. I was weeing ever 15 minutes. Been extremely thirsty the last few days. I wiped and there was light pink blood. TMI- Sorry. (I thought my period was 7 days early according to my Period tracker) I put in a Tampon, only to take it out a while later, and no more blood. SORRY TMI. Anxiously waiting all day for the AF Cramps as they usually do when my period starts. Later during the day my boobs were sore. Still no more bleeding, just mild cramping, but not af type cramps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Feb 13th. Boobs normally hurt the week leading up to AF, but they are only sore on the sides, Today they hurt and feel full, and my nipples are standing at attention, and are sore! Mild cramping on and off, and oh my I cant hold my wee for more than half an hour. Horrible metallic taste in my mouth. According to my Period Tracker I am on CD27, DPO 10. POS-BFN. Dollar Tree Test. I figured I would try to POS as tomorrow is V-DAY, and if I was that would be a nice surprise for my Hubby, but after browsing the ttw site, I'm freaking myself out and thinking I am making this all up, but my only hope is from yesterday where I think I had Implantation bleeding. I never spot or bleed before AF
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