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Implantation or Early period

So, my husband and I are not currently trying to have a baby and we have relied on the withdrawal method successfully for 5 years.
Normally my cycles are between 23 and 27 days and I have never had spotting between cycles.
Sometimes before my period starts I will have some spotting, but my period usually starts within 1-2 hours afterwards.
On day 19 of this cycle (Oct. 7) I noticed some light bleeding and brown discharge and thought my period had come a bit early but nothing came. The next morning there was more light spotting and brownish discharge. This continued off and on for about 2 days.
I have never had implantation bleeding and would like to know if any of you have experienced this and if you think that this could be implantation bleeding or something else. Please help. Any info would be helpful ...

Am I Pregnant?


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Oh I'm so glad to come across your post. I am going through the same thing right now. It's nerve-wracking! How did it turn out for you? Wishing you a BFP!!

Exactly the same situation. Are you pregnant? I had implantation for 3 days, I missed my period (it’s been a week now) I had negative test. Instead of period I had watery creamy discharge. I have pregnancy symptoms ( bloated, fuller breaths (nipples very dark and areola with bumps and visible veins) and I notice Linea Nigra (vertical black line from my pubic bone to belly button. I did research and Dr. Margaret Scott says it’s one of the early signs of pregnancy. I’m just curious if got pregnant? Your response is appreciated. Thank you!

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