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Implementation Bleeding?

Hi everyone -

I'm specifically looking for insight from women who've had IB and gotten a BFP.

DH and I are both 29. We have two sons; the oldest is 3 and not biologically my DH's. The second son is 5 months old, and is my DH's bio son.

I did not have implementation bleeding in either of those pregnancies or in a MC that my DH and I had last spring so I'm not sure if that's what this was, or just some fluke.

Here's some details:
I am not charting or using ovulation tests. My last period was August 1st - 6th. DH and I BD'd August 13th, and I ovulated right around that time.

Twinges, HUNGRY, nauseous, tired

Last Saturday (8/26), I wiped and just happened to look. There was a pin drop of red/pink/rust colored blood and a small amount of brown when I wiped. I thought it was odd and figured AF must be coming early. However, 3 days later and I have not had any more discharge that was colored. NO AF, but also had a negative HPT.

Any thoughts?? If you had implementation bleeding, how long after did you test and get a HPT?

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